Vietnam National Internet eXchange Network Operators Group - Peering & DNS
Nha Trang City, August 23rd 2019
Mr. Tran Minh Tan
Director General
Vietnam Internet Network Information Center

Mr. Tran Minh Tan is the pioner to join and develop VNNIC since 2000. He was awarded a doctorate in Information Technology and has 20-year experiences in this industry. Before joined VNNIC, he worked for Vietnam Datacommunication Company which is one of biggest ISP in Viet Nam.

When joined VNNIC, he was responsible for allocating, managing ".VN" domain name and IP addresses in Viet Nam. He is the main contributor to building Internet development policies and promoting IPv6 deployment  in Viet Nam. Now, Mr. Tan is the Director General of VNNIC and the member of the Committee for Viet Nam IPv6 Task Force (VNIPv6TF). 

Mr. Nguyen Hong Thang
Deputy Director
Viet Nam Internet Information Center (VNNIC)

Nguyen Hong Thang joined VNNIC in 2000 as one of pioneers of the organization. He was one of the first engineers and played a key role in building many of critical local Internet system such as National DNS system for .VN ccTLD, Vietnam National Internet Exchange point – VNIX, Vietnam National IPv6 Network and got appointed as the Deputy Director of VNNIC since August, 2011.

Thang is a board member of the Vietnam National IPv6 Task Force (VNIPv6TF). He has been actively devoting himself on promotion and deployment of IPv6 in Vietnam.

Mr. Seok Hwan Kim
President of Korea Internet & Security Agency
Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA)

Seok Hwan Kim is President of Korea Internet & Security Agency. He specializes in journalism and mass communication. He served as CEO at Korea New Network and has served as the President of KISA since 2017.

Mr. George Michaelson
Senior Research and Development Scientist
Asia Pacific Network Information Centre

George Michaelson is currently APNIC’s senior R&D scientist. Recently, he has been working on long-baseline DNS statistics, services logging, audit and analysis, and design and implementation of the Internet Number Resource Certification framework.

George is a member of the BCS, and a founder member of the Australian chapter of the Internet Society. He participates regularly in IETF standardization meetings, and co-authors Request For Comment (RFC) documents, technical drafts, and conference and peer-review papers.

George graduated from York University in 1982 with a BSc in Computer Science. His career in the United Kingdom and Australia has pursued research and development in computer science, networking, and systems administration.

Mr. Vladimir Kangin
CEO and Co-founder at IPTP Networks
IPTP Networks

Vladimir has almost 30 years of experience in IT industry. In 1990 he started his own ISP with a 9600bps uplink, his very first Cisco router and USRobotics modems. Year by year he was improving his skills at IT-Solutions development, Systems Security and many more, and was building company IPTP Networks. In year 2004 IPTP started to create complex and exclusive IT solutions. IPTP is a leading System Integrator, Internet Service Provider (AS 41095) and Software Development group of companies operating worldwide with offices in Limassol (Cyprus), Amsterdam (the Netherlands), New York (USA), Kiev (Ukraine), Moscow (Russia), Hong Kong (SAR of China), Lima (Peru), São Paulo (Brazil), La Paz (Bolivia) and Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam). Vladimir is an active member of ARIN, APNIC, AFRINIC, LACNIC and RIPE communities.

Mr. Mikhail Anisimov
Head of External Relations
Coordination Center for .RU/.РФ TLDs

For the last nine years he has worked in internet hosting and domain registration bodies holding various positions with Russia’s largest host providers and domain name registers. In 2013, as part of the Foundation for Assistance for Internet Technologies and Infrastructure Development, he played an active role in launching the .МОСКВАand .MOSCOW TLDs. In 2014 he joined the ccTLD team where he is working in external relations and organizing business events, as well as international cooperation. 

Mikhail Anisimov is a member of various industrial organizations and an organizer of thematic conferences and forums concerning domain registration, hosting, internet governance and cybersecurity. He represents Coordination center in different domestic and foreign internet conferences and makeslectures for schools and universities about internet infrastructure and information security.

Mr. Nguyen Truong Giang
Head of DNS-VNIX
Viet Nam Internet Information Center (VNNIC)

Mr. Nguyen Truong Giang has many years of experience in designing, operating and managing network system as well as security system. Now he is responsible for operating and managing Viet Nam National Internet Exchange system, DNS system, the security system of VNNIC, including national IPv6 network. 

Mr. Allan Watanabe
Managing Director/Security Researcher

Allan Watanabe is the Founder and CEO of PIPELINE Security, a cyber threat data company providing businesses with a threat data database containing reputation analysis on spammers, Command & Control, phishing & malware domains, and other malicious cyber activity. Started his career working as a data storage architect helping businesses build their data storage strategy.  Later in his career, he shifted his focus on the growing demand for cyber security after realizing the strong necessity to protect customer data from cyber criminals, theft, and other malicious activities.   He is a member of the Japan Antiphishing Council, Secure IOT Platform Consortium, and a member of the Messaging, Malware, Mobile,  Anti-abuse Working Group.  He is currently conducting threat research specific to the Asia Pacific and Japan Region.  

Mr. Nguyen Van Tri
System Engineer
Vietnam Internet Network Information Center

Nguyen Van Tri has joined VNNIC since 2015.

He is the system administrator of .VN ccTLD DNS. He has experienced in DNSSEC deployment and monitoring solutions for DNS.

Mr. Nguyen Minh Hai
Network Administrator
Vietnam Internet Network Information Center

Nguyen Minh Hai is the administrator of National DNS Network and Internet Exchange System. He has 6 years experience in network administration.

Mr. Joonhyung Lim
KRNIC Tech Team
Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA)

His journey, full range of 19 years experience in the public sector, as an internet infrastructure expert, as well as, the first author of RFC5346, Joonhyung has been working on security administration, data center operation, global DNS operation, IPv6 deployment, standardization in IETF, and related ICT policy developing for the government since 2000.

He is currently responsible for KRNIC tech team in KISA as a manager for delivering the sustainable krDNS services over multiple global sites with latest technology.

Recent a few years, He led the team who are charged in consolidating IT resoruces and designing comprehensive data center for new headquater of KISA.

He also had served as a board member of APTLD(2016-2017), He had been trying to reach out developing countries in AP region to help them to deploy ICT infrastructure, as well as emerging service by their own hands through delivering best-practice he was involved in earlier.

Mr. Suman Saha
Technical Director

Over the last 14 years I worked for different ISPs in Bangladesh. My expertise is in Linux system administration and in network security. I’m regular speaker of BDNOG conference and workshop. I’m one of the founding member of BDNOG, also a member of BDCERT. I joined in many conference and workshop of BDNOG/SANOG/APNIC/APRICOT as speaker on DNS/DNSSEC, Network security, Linux system administration. Recently I’ve joined in a cyber security threat data provider company to provide technical support and to support on product development.

Mr. Hiroki Kawabata
Manager of IP department
Japan Network Information Center (JPNIC)

Hiroki Kawabata has worked for JPNIC since 2002. Now, he is in charge of managment and promotion of IP address and routing. 

Mr. Masataka Mawatari
Japan Internet Exchange Co., Ltd.(JPIX)

Masataka Mawatari is an engineer at Japan Internet Exchange Co., Ltd.(JPIX). He is in charge of the IX network operation and route server.
He contributes to JANOG, APIX and the other engineers' communities.

Mr Diep Thanh Nguyen
System Administrator
Viettel Group

Mr Diep Thanh Nguyen is the administrator of Internet service provider system of Viettel at both domestic and overseas market. He has experience in Internet Protocol Television (IPTV), Metro Ethernet Network and Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).

Beside the technical duties, he also do the training and guide the graduation thesis for IT students. 

Mr. Michikazu Fukuchi
Executive Vice President, Director & COO

With nearly 20 years of experience in the Internet industry, he joined SoftBank Networks as the General Manager of Technology Planning Department in 2000. His career as the important roles in SoftBank group had started since then.

Fukuchi had served important roles, and had lead the NW operations and NW Security as a Vice President at SoftBank group companies. And now he is leading BBIX groups to realize the ideal NW connectivity between the internet players not on in Japan but in APAC region under BBIX’s motto “No peering, No internet”.

Mr. Shingo Matsumoto
Deputy General Manager
Japan Network Access Point(JPNAP)

Shingo Matsumoto has been working for Japan Network Access Point(JPNAP), one of the largest internet IXP's in Asia Pacific area, produced by INTERNET MULTIFEED CO.
He is in charge of Deputy General Manager of the IX network design, operation and routeserver.

Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan
Network administrator
FPT Telecom
Nguyen Anh Tuan works for FPT Telecom from 2017. He is now responsible for network system optimizing and operating.
Mr. Tran Thanh Vu
System Engineer
Vinadata JSC

Tran Thanh Vu designed and managed many complicated system which served the huge traffic from millions of users (e.g. ZingChat, NhacCuaTui).

He is responsible for eClick - Online advertising system, Wifi Marketing SoSmart - Interactive advertising system, CDN, vDNS - Global Traffic Management.



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